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University of Oregon

University of Oregon, Youth Enrichment/TAG Programs


Youth Enrichment and Talented & Gifted programs and services (YE/TAG) is a community outreach unit of the University of Oregon's College of Education. YE/TAG serves pre-collegiate youth and their families throughout the state of Oregon, with special focus on those residing in Lane County. The primary goals of YE/TAG are the following:

Provide stimulating and challenging summer, Saturday and after school learning experiences for children and youth that support, extend and enhance their regular K-12 school program

Assist and train parents, in-service educators and youth service providers to effectively help students of all ability levels attain their intellectual and academic potential through informal education

Recognize and support the unique social/emotional needs of high ability students through family counseling and consultation services

Provide coursework in gifted education and field-based practicum experiences for UO undergraduate and graduate students as part of their professional preparation

Introduce pre-collegiate youth and their families to the University of Oregon